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A calm & lazy Sunday was what I had in mind...but

After going through a pretty much useless exam, my plan was to go home and get some much needed sleep and may be watch a movie....but I suddenly got a call. It was my BOSS Channa! All the guys are here when are you coming? And then it hit me... we were moving offices and today was the auspicious if not symbolic day. Since I was busy the last couple of days on study leave, I didn't really feel the whole moving process till now! I took my time and drove over to the new office, hoping things would be all setup, with a red-carpet awaiting to welcome me. Instead what I saw was a shocking place still pretty much under construction, where the walls were still wet with paint and the floors needed cleaning as well as setting up of the place in time for the evening event. But nothing is impossible when you have a dedicated (aka crazy, playful) team like ours and we managed to get the place ready within a matter of hours. The pirith chanting occation took place as planned followed by de

Struggling to find the M in Msc

Today was as expected a bad exam day. It was data structures and algorithms.. Considering I hadn't studies anything yesterday soon after the exam I knew what I was getting into today. So while I struggled to fit in with the crowd and pretend I understand what Red-Black Trees and the intricasy of dynamic programming, it soon became evident that the only thing I could do was to go home and sleep. So that is exactly what I did! When I woke up at around 5pm it was pleasantly raining and all I could think was sleeping just a tad bit longer :) Finally around 6p, I managed to get up and was ready do some studying. The bad feeling had died down and I knew one way or the other it wasn't going to be easy. That's when my g/f calls up and says ..What? Algorithms paper difficult? Why you been coding for 7 years! If only she understood that nowa days you don't go around implementing the algorithms found in Carmons book. But that did get me thinking... hmmm.. Since I am going