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Track Your New Year Resolutions With

I know, I know, it’s a bit of a cheesy title to promote my Open Source project but here me out - it really does work. Though I didn’t really write it to track my new year resolutions (I’ve never found them effective beyond a week), I did write it out of constant frustration with not finding a TODO productivity tool that stuck with me. Let me explain… I’ve tried EVERYTHING! Google Calendar & tasks Sending myself Emails Wiki (Dokuwiki, Mediwiki, Twiki etc.) Tomboy Tomboy with UbuntuOne & Android App EverNote Remember the Milk Gedit notes on my desktop Post-it notes widget Actual Post-it notes Old-skool diary Pieces of paper including backs of payment receipts From the above list, if anything came remotely to sticking as a habit, then it’d be the sticky notes & pieces of paper. I’m not suggesting the other methods suck, but I wouldn’t use it beyond a couple of weeks. Why was it that despite me spending hours on a computer, the best thing that had a chance of r