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Reader's Digest Newsweek's guide to FOSSSL2006

Last week has been both exhilarating and some what exhausting with a series of events that began with the Hackathon on Monday, and ended with Geekout on Sunday (though I came back on Saturday). I've finally got around to uploading the photos which is available at my flickr blog . Here is the recap: Sunday 13th On Sunday, I spent the whole day setting up my barebone with Ubuntu64 and testing out VLC hoping to steam the cricket match during the Hackathon. First I tried the multicast mode of steaming video via ipv6, which sort of worked, except that it flooded the network to the point that no one could browse the internet. So much for that! Instead, I settled for the good old http streaming. That evening we went out to dinner at the Thai restaurant at Trans Asia with the "geek people". After dinner, I was very much intoxicated after a hefty meal, but knew that the show must go on. So I set about to test the video streaming setup in a similar condition to that in the confe

FOSSSL 2006 bill board

Well you haven't made a mark until your up on a billboard, so they say and that's what I saw yesterday as I was driving my way to the ApacheCon conference. Many thanks to Virtusa for donating their hoarding to the FOSS community during the FOSSSL 2006. Also a special thanks to the army dude that gave me permission to take this picture. Sorry for forgetting to take your name down. You can see the hoarding in front of the Bera Lake.

Blogging from ApacheCon Asia

I'm currently at ApacheCon Asia , the first ever ApacheCon in asia which is also a part of a week long FOSS event known as FOSSSL2006 . You can catch all the pictures from the event on my Flicker photo blog . We had a good event yesterday at the Univerisity of Moratuwa , called FOSSSchool and FOSSUni which was to talk about FOSS in the academia.

Door-to-Door marketing FOSSSL 2006

We are not your average sales people. We couldn't be... had we even tried to. We shouldn't be... because we are already selling just fine. We ought to be... because that's what people seem to expect. We are the Sri Lankan FOSS community and we're coming to your door step - well if we find time, that is. Here are the top 5 reasons, why your never going to think of us as the average sales person: We don't wear a tie. We don't have shiny shoes. We generally like to wear jeans and cool FOSS T-shirts, some of which, has the GPL license printed on the back. We don't carry a brief case full of sh**. We might have a poster or two in our hand. You like what you hear so much that you have an urge to invite others to listen to our gospels. After a few minutes of listening, your not sure what we're here to sell. You might even ask "So what is it that you want from us?" or "So what's in it for you?" We leave your place without having

Buddha statues emitting magical rays or Mass Hysteria?

On my way home today, I got caught to an unusual traffic jam. The kind you get when there is a heavy storm, an accident or a very smart cop trying to override traffic lights! But as soon as I turned off from the Nawala junction towards, Nugegoda it was evident none of those were the cause. For some weird reason, traffic was just moving slow as far as the eye could see. Then without thinking much about it, I joked to myself, if this was caused by "yet another Buddha statue" emitting rays and people flocking to see. All day, I've been hearing people musing about how this phenomena was happening in multiple locations and how it had caused traffic jams and even few accidents. But I was too busy at work to think much of it. I didn't really think there could be anything other than a Sri Lankan cricket match that was capable of such things. After getting home, I got to know that my mom, my girl friend's two sisters and a few other relatives have also witnessed this pheno