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I went Digital!

Finally, I'm on a two week holiday working :) I expect most of my work to be done from home for the next two weeks and so decided I need some quality TV time to relax myself once in a while. Hence I made sure to pay up front and order CBN Sat , before I went on holiday. This morning I got a call from CBN, notifying me that the Cable Guy was coming for a visit! I was somewhat disappointed when the guy turned up a bit late and looking nothing like the "Cable guy" but was soon excited after seeing the dish and the settop decoder. CBN being the first satellite based DVB cable provider in Sri Lanka, I was quite excited to see how it would look once hooked up to my TV card. Installation took about a good 2 hours for the cable guys (did I mention two of came?), to mount the dish at 45' east, so that it was high enough to by pass our mango tree that was at line of sight, and get the optimum signal strength/quality possible. Finally they stretched a long coaxial to my room t