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Be an Open Source Guitar Hero!

Undoubtedly one of the best games that came on the PS2 and more recently on the 360 is Guitar Heros II . Ever since I got my hands on this came, I haven't as yet swapped the DVD to play another game on my PS2. For those who haven't heard of this game, it basically lets you "rock on" to some popular and not so popular rock tunes as if playing a guitar. You could use the standard D Pad game controller or for the ultimate experience purchase a Guitar controller. Unfortunately I don't have the guitar controller though, and would probably buy it if I can find it in a local store. I wanted this so bad, I almost picked it up from a shop that was situated in Dream Land. Unfortunately the alarm woke me up before I could pay using my credit card. So whats better than Guitar Heros 2? No its not Guitar Heros 3, but rather a Free & Open Source clone called Frets on Fire! . Sure it doesn't look as good as GH2 but its got some feature that makes it better. But before I

Will the real "Geek with an Attitude" please stand up, please stand up!

Ah just came across another Geek-with-an Attitude . Seems like an interesting Blog with "Technological advice you can actually use". Now excuse me while I run off to perform a DoS. Just kidding PEacE out

My Mac Mini taken apart and put back together

My Mac mini had been pretty much dead for the last couple of months. It just wouldn't boot and would give a gray screen (without the Apple logo), after the Apple chime. Following advice on Apples's Support site , I tried the weird key combinations that were supposed to clear the CMOS and other settings, but that didn't fix the problem. I was thinking about taking this for repairs to either BTOptions or DMS but both will take a fair amount just to open it (and it may well be fair, because opening and servicing this thing is a pain) and possibly more to fix (warranty had lapsed). I felt adventurous and as if there was nothing to loose. The fact it was a Friday night and after the end of a long week, I felt the need for a change from thinking about software to may be thinking of hardware. But before I could give much thought to the idea, I found myself tearing the Mac Mini apart. I've seen a couple of videos on Youtube on opening up the mac and it looked easy enough :) O

myPhone - Waiting for my kinda iPhone

Photograph by: Eliya Selhub The iPhone is a pretty good looking phone and functional phone by the looks of it and it might actually end up being a hit in the US, if it wasn't for the high price tag. While $500 - $600 seems like a good deal for us Asians and some of us are used to spending that much on a phone it seems to be uncommon in the US. They're still using crappy old cheap models over there :), which generally come for a real cheap price or for free as part of the plan. So I really don't think the iPhone as it is, is going to be anything like an iPod. But it can be like an iPod, only if Apple did a few things more. Here are a list of things I want on myPhone: 3G - Its great this thing has EDGE but I wouldn't dish out so much and not get anything that hasn't got 3G User pluggable SIM card - What were they thinking! Oh wait physical security to please AT&T. Do we have to dissect just to change the SIM card? Give us a slot to insert/remove the SIM Exp