Be an Open Source Guitar Hero!

Undoubtedly one of the best games that came on the PS2 and more recently on the 360 is Guitar Heros II. Ever since I got my hands on this came, I haven't as yet swapped the DVD to play another game on my PS2.

For those who haven't heard of this game, it basically lets you "rock on" to some popular and not so popular rock tunes as if playing a guitar. You could use the standard D Pad game controller or for the ultimate experience purchase a Guitar controller.

Unfortunately I don't have the guitar controller though, and would probably buy it if I can find it in a local store. I wanted this so bad, I almost picked it up from a shop that was situated in Dream Land. Unfortunately the alarm woke me up before I could pay using my credit card.

So whats better than Guitar Heros 2? No its not Guitar Heros 3, but rather a Free & Open Source clone called Frets on Fire!. Sure it doesn't look as good as GH2 but its got some feature that makes it better. But before I get to that, have a look at this dude "rock on" in Frets on Fire using the GH2 Guitar Controller

So what make Frets on Fire an awesome alternative:

  • You can use a full size keyboard and hold it similar to a guitar

  • You can import all GH2 sound tracks, if you've got the GH2

  • Its got the ability to import new songs unlike GH2 where your stuck with the tracks that came with it

  • There is an inline music editor within the game

  • Runs on GNU/Linux, Mac OSX and Windows

  • Free in every way

So check out Frets on Fire! Chances are you'll either burn the keyboard if not your fingers.


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