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Late night Anatomy : Playing Dr. Hannible with my gadgets

Lately, I've been getting urges to dissect things; computer things to be more specific. First involves an unsuspecting DVD writer and the second my first ever notebook that has always been a favorite item to show off at exhibitions or lectures involving gadgets. My DVD writer has always been giving me trouble since I've got it a little under two years ago, during a visit to Singapore. Not only did it cost me about $120, it was very picky as to what DVDs was appropriate to play or write to. For example, the first disappointment came when I was unable to write to any of the cheap "Melody branded DVD +R"” I had bought (25 stack). Then there were many accounts of (pirated) DVD movies, that I had to go back to return, only to find that it played well on the player or on my notebook. Finally, just a few weeks ago, it completely stopped reading DVDs of any sort. At first, it seemed a little spin with a cleaning disc would do the trick, but that wasn't the case. So I de

ASUS center launch

Today I dropped in at the newly opened ASUS center and checked out some of the coolest hardware around. They had, what they proclaimed "The fastest desktop in this region", that was powered by a dual-core AMD 64bit processor and two very powerful ATI graphic adaptors, each having 512MB of video RAM linked together for a combined 1GB + 2 GPUs. All this was placed inside a glass like transparent casing to reveal the beauty inside. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera, and was too excited to even remember to take a (crappy) photo or two from my phone camera. Oh well, I've never been a press person (but I did go with an X-press person. Oh Hasmin, how could you forget?). Photo by: Chamil. Check out more photos by him Other than that there were some really crazy-sexy-cool notebooks and a few nice LCD TFT displays. The die-hard gaming barebones were also a killer to look at. Anyway I'm grateful for Larry Adams, the COO (the koo!, how cool is that?), for inviting the