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Ubuntu – Getting better but not quite there yet!

It's 3AM in the morning now. I honestly did try to sleep but my room is so damn hot right now! Tried listening to some music on the computer but that didn't work either! Instead of putting me to sleep, my AMD64 box that was playing music was also putting out a considerable amount of extra heat. Finally after several unsuccessful attempts at sleeping I came to the obvious conclusion --- I needed to install Ubuntu. Now don't get me wrong! Ubuntu is cool distro, but not cool! -- not cool enough to beat the heatwave thats hit my room. This is not why I went about installing Ubuntun, but rather because I've made some honest but rude comments about Ubuntu 4.x, so much so as to even calling it worse than RedHat. Consider this article, giving Ubuntu a second chance. The Installation So I set about installing the new version (5.04), to replace the older version 4. The installation went pretty much smoothly except at one place it hung trying to communicate with the gateway, wher

Upgrading to kde 3.4 -- differently

I've been waiting to upgrade to kde 3.4 some time now, ever since it was released. Kde is one of the most popular desktop environments available on GNU/Linux mostly due innovative features being added with an overall speed improvement between releases. Within a matter of hours after releasing kde 3.4, it was (as one would expect) available on Gentoo . But the package was masked for testing as usually the case with most new packages, before it is deemed stable with the distribution. So I waited and waited, checking to see if it was marked as stable almost daily until..... I ran out of patience. After about a month of waiting, I finally decided it was time to make the switch after reading a review article on kde 3.4 and its new features and improvements. Installing something as huge as kde using sources, as the case with Gentoo, requires hours and hours of painstaking compilation. Things get worse when there are updates to a few applications contained in a large packages that mu