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DIY Docker on Apple silicon M1

When Apple announced the transition to Apple's own ARM-based silicon, I was ecstatic! I've always enjoyed tinkering with ARM based single-board computers such as the raspberry pi 4 and Pinebook Pro. But they always had sub-par performance and here was Apple trying to transition their entire lineup! Even though we all knew the performance should be good based on how recent iPad Pros scored, I don't think many expected the M1 chip, Apple's first iteration, to then beat Intel's most high-end CPUs while redefining "all-day battery life"! So naturally, I found myself clicking buy on day 1, something I rarely do before doing a ton of research. I ended up ordering the base Macbook Air but bumping up the RAM to 16GB in order to better run Docker. Disappointment: Docker support not ready My machine arrived quickly, despite getting shipped directly from China as a result of my memory upgrade. The first step was to setup the environment just the way I liked