My Double date!

Ok I know the title is a bit misleading, not to mention intriguing for those who know me. Is this guy capable of such a thing? So before you start substituting my life for a sitcom, let me clear thing up by saying my double date was for two B' day parties at two very different locations.

Who's B' day party you ask? Shame on you! It was mine! If you forgot then I guess you weren't invited, so that makes us even. Anyway, I didn't really plan for two B' day parties to take place simultaneously. I invited a couple of my friends (just couples ;)) to Delimarket at WTC. Delimarket isn't my favorite place but at the time it was convenient since Kanchana and I were working late and that seemed the closest.

Anyway as the party progressed (in a very cheerful, talkative mode might I add), I got a call from home saying my uncle/aunt [aka. loku thaatha (big daddy), loki amma (guess ;))] had shown up. I guess its not a total surprise, since they usually do show up but what can I say, "I was hoping for a miracle". We've hadn't even had dinner by that time, but what else could I do but to make a false promise. So I said I'd leave in an hour.

But I guess you can't rush a good stake, so by the time I made it, my poor uncle and aunt was already on the road just pulling out to the main road. We both stopped the car and got down and chatted a little on the road, and that was that. Oh well so much for a double date. Hopefully next year I can just have the party in one place :)


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