The Mango party!


mango_crowdA new distro sweet as Mango was (un)officially launched by our very own Arunan, who is celebrating his B' day today* happens to be one of the youngest Slackers in the LKLUG. The occation, which was held at the newly opened "The Linux Center" or TLC in short, was filled with several LUGers and showered with slices of Mango EVERYWHERE, going fast!

Mango is a new distro that is based on Slackware/Vector (do I hear.. long live Slack????), and contains sinhala and tamil localization as well as several useful packages. Though I would have preferred if he had used Debian/Taprobane instead, I guess a slacker will always be a slacker :) (FYI:he has shown interest in a remastered taprobane with a different undisclosed name)

imacAmong the Mango there was a very noticable Apple. Anuradha's brother Sanjaya, took out his new Apple iBook, hoping no one would notice (specially with all the mangos' around). But boy was he wrong! For the rest of the evening, the Linux center was pretty much a Mac Center :) No one complained, as the Mac OSX is powered by a FOSS kernel and subsystem.

Interestingly enough the key person, Arunan was missing from the event. Most of us waited and waited for him to turn up while some people had to leave ealy. After several hours of waiting (while having fun), he turned up with hands empty. It seems the Mango iso image was too big to fit on to a CD. So I guess, we'll have to wait for the official version or ask for a DVD version. bud_sethu

* Today also happens to be my brother's B' day. If your reading this - Happy B' day malli!


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