FOSS-Ed for Hacker's is coming to town

The second installment of FOSS-Ed, an ongoing series of seminars to educate on the wonders of Free and Open Source Software or FOSS in short will commence from the 22nd, Monday.

FOSS-Ed was a huge success last time around with very good participation and you read more about on my previous post Fullhouse @ FOSS-Ed.

This time around we expect an even greater participation and by looking at the number of current registration, looks as if we are heading for another Full House! Unlike the previous FOSS-Ed seminar, the latest installment is targeted at the IT savvy geeks that enjoy programming and installing and fine tuning software for security or performance.

Whats more exciting is that Prof. Lawrence Lessig, the great visionary, an excellent speaker and founder of Creative Commons, the alternative to copy right, will be the keynote speaker. I'm very much looking forward to hearing him speak.

And finally, ahem, ahem... I too will be speaking on "Linux kernel configuration and optimization" that I hope will help to demystify the topic and help people realize that "Kernel compiling" doesn't require you to have an inhaler, standby!

For anyone interested in coming for the event, there is still time to register at


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