My new Cybershot!


After the last foss-Ed event and seeing the quality of the pictures taken from my (6 year old) Kodak 3600DX camera, I decided it was time to buy a new one.

When deciding what sort of camera to buy, it occurred to me that having a small, highly portable one would be most practical as I can always carry it around with out pre-planning to take pictures. There were countless number of times that I wished I'd brought my camera along and had to settle for a quick phone camera shot, instead.

So I decided to go with a Sony cybershot T series. After reading a couple of reviews and especially this one, I was sold on buying the T30. I got mine at Nastash, a/the gadget shop at Liberty Plaza.

A few days after I went on a trip to Amaya Hills (aka Le Kandian), and took these pictures among others :)


dsc00054.jpg dsc00069.jpg dsc00046.jpg dsc00061.jpg

More Pictures from Amaya Hills


Nice pics, I like the composition on the one of the hotel with the swimming pool. The lines lead into the picture nicely.
geekaholic said…
Thanks..I'm just getting warmed up :)

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