Which came first? The Computers or the Operating System?


Imagine going to your vehicle dealer to buy your dream car and inspecting evey inch of it. Beautiful interior and gourgous exterior only tempt you to look under the hood.

At first your dazzled by the sparkling engine, but your eyes quicky gaze at a sticker pasted on engine.

"This car was designed for Kaltech Koolant and Engine oil"

"Have times changed", you might think to your self. Last time you bought a car, it pretty much ran on any type of Coolant or even water. Same went for engine oil. Weren't Coolants and Engine oils supposed to be designed to work with cars and not the other way around?

At this point you might change your mind, and start to look for another car. To your horror, all new cars come with this logo.

"What's up doc?", you ask the dealer. "Oh come on....practically every car these days runs on Kaltech, he tells you. Seeing that your not satisfied with his answer, he titls over to your ear and wispers, "Don't worry, it does run on other Coolants or just plain old water... but don't quote me on that!". "We're not allowed to remove that sticker and tell you that the car is more flexible than meets the eye. If we do, we could loose our dealership!", he explains.

Thankfully this story is fiction... atleast in this parallel Universe; or is it??? Something somewhere has terribly gone wrong in our universe, because apprently computers are now designed to run on a certain Redmond OS.

The best things that happened to our computers were a result of IBM opening up their PC architecture design. As a result there was more innovating in both hardware and software that powered the PC. So why deny that power by having a sticker that undermines it.

Get the real facts and ask your self, is the sticker worth it! Shouldn't your computer deserves more.

Your computer doesn't have a chicken and egg problem. Well may be just a chicken problem.


Faz said…
I think a more appropriate header for the article would have been, "Which came first, the OS or the Chip?"
geekaholic said…
Your absolutely right! I did think a little about a title but I guess it was too late and half my brain cells were asleep.
Faz said…
LOL! Having been 37 years in the bits and bytes business, since 1970, keeps my 64K RAM still active, electric and alive, I guess? How can I ever forget how we used to program in IBM Basic Assembler Language using punchedd cards in the seventies?

Have a gr8 day!

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