Buttala, we made it!

FOSS on Wheels got on to a lazy start yesterday. We waited for the bus (though it made it on time - 4pm), waited for people (LSF guys were late!) and then went shopping!

After a couple bottles of Mountain dew, Pringle cans and Kist fruit drinks among other things, seemed about right to start moving.

Traffic down high level was high as usual, and we made it to Ratnapura close to 9:00. We had a tasty mix fried rice dinner, at a restaurant just close to the Ratnapura police station. Apparently this restaurant was a famous spot for concluding business deals among Gem dealers, though that didn't seem to be the case on that tonight.

Couldn't do much after dinner, especially with the PSP batteries dying on me, so I dozed off instead. All I could remember was us making several stops for "nature call" sessions.

Finally we made it to Buttala. The room had a row of beds waiting for us to lay upon. The first thing we did was to reserve a bed for our beloved gadgets that needed to rest and charge.

So while I type away this blog post.. yawn... Anuradha and Suchetha are comparing their prizes - SLR like cameras by challenging each other to read the ingredients on a bottle a couple of feet away. As my camera wasn't upto the challenge, with only a 3x zoom, I instead settled for this picture of them taking the picture.

Yaaawn... good morning


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