Previously on FOSSEd Kandy ...

Last weekend, we had our first FOSSEd on wheels event in Kandy. It was organized by the faculty of science, University of Peradeniya and was held on the 3rd and 4th (Sat & Sun) of March.

Since I had other commitments, I was only able to attend the event on the 3rd. I did a small presentation on deciding to choose a GNU/Linux distribution, a task that can be quite overwhelming, considering the hundreds of distributions out there. Nevertheless, I think I pulled it off by recommending they initially just try the Ubuntu distro, that was distributed to them at the event.

Just to make things a little bit easier, I demoed a live Ubuntu installation (using VMPlayer), which took only a little more than 15 minutes.

There was good balance in the number of attendees from universities, schools and a few from the industry who participated by asking questions as the event progressed. All in all, I thought it was one of the best FOSSEd events we had in a while.

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