Honey, I sunk the ipod

It was the worse day of my (ipod's) life. It drowned a feet under water for god knows how long. What probably was 5 - 10 minutes must have felt like an eternity. As of now, my ipod is in a coma, waiting for me to wake her up.

It all began a little under 36 hrs ago, when it was raining hard. I came home yesterday a little earlier following a wedding and thus managed to avoid traffic and more importantly the heavy rain. After a little bit of relaxation listening to the rest of a podcast from my drive back home, I began to settle into reading a book, when my sister said she was about to go off to work.

She being a doctor, has to generally deal with a crazy time table. By this time it was raining hard and fast. So I offered to drop her off, which she accepted gladly and as usual took my ipod along to keep me company.

We didn't get too far before land was nowhere and water was everywhere! This was not my first time crossing a pool of water by car, so I wasn't as scared as I should have been.

All was fine until my feet started getting cold - I mean literally cold from the water that was now seeking in from beneath the car. I must say there was a little panic, especially after seeing a couple of dead vehicles stranded on our path. There was no turning back. We were surrounded by a queue of vehicles, in both directions.

The water level continued to rise until it was about a foot or more. Finally we made land but the water that had entered into the car, didn't seem to retreat back. Luckily there was an empty 1.5L bottle of 7up, which my sister started filling up with the flooded water and throwing out. Thats when she felt something under the water -- something which felt like, my ipod!

As she handed it over to me, my fingers touched the wheel and it came alive. I panicked and suddenly shut it off by pressing on the play button. I vaguely recall the locked icon coming on even though I hadn't locked the ipod at the time, as if she was going into cardiac arrest. Anyway I immediately locked it to prevent from accidentally being turned on. Once I got home, I dried it using tissues and kept it next to my lava lamp before falling asleep, myself. The ipod is still asleep.

After a bit of research online, to my surprise (shock), I've discovered that ipods are known to fall into toilets and still survive. So there is a ray of hope that my ipod will recover, despite it being under water for a longer period.

To be continued...


Sam said…
Similar thing happened to me.. I leave it on top of the table lamp for couple of hours.. Then top of the analog monitor for 3 days.. it works like a baby.
Thareef Marzook said…
Mine, went into the wash. I sent it back to Apple in Singapore it was replaced by a brand new one. I think it was luck. I sent it with the intention of getting it repaired.
Anonymous said…
Mine got caught in the rain, and I used tissues and then dried it with a hair-dryer for a few mins. Worked like a charm. Incidentally, I managed to spill some orange-juice on my laptop and my touchpad went nuts - switched it off, used the trusty hair-dryer on it, and a few hours later it worked like a charm! Hope your ipod doesn't die, goodluck!
Confab said…
good luck with the ipod...but careful guys with the hair dryer. a friend of mine used her hair dryer on her laptop when her bf spilt water all over it, the key pad melted away!...
Anonymous said…
BT Options 2555 871 iPod agents
Anonymous said…
Oh Buds! WTF happened?. If something like dat happened to me it's the end of my life.

But still I got some wishes for luck FTW :)
geekaholic said…
Thanks everyone for the good wishes. Unfortunately the device is still dead. I kept it on top of the cbn sat and a little bit under sunlight but it doesn't charge or come on even after leaving it in plugged into the USB for hours.

Looks like I'm going to have to get BT to fix it.
geekaholic said…
Final I got my ipod replacement from BTOptions. It was quite hassle free. I am so glad I bought this from them. Btw, I told them the real story - that it got wet. They told me generally that isn't covered but was sympathetic to replace it anyway.

Thank you BT. You guys rock! I bought an extra rubber sleeve with a screen protection sticker from them to say thanks.

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