Screenshot of my new (shiny) desktop

I'll let the screenshot speak for itself.


But just in case your wondering this is Gentoo GNU/Linux running the beryl Window Manager (WM), on top of KDE desktop environment, with screenlets as widgets/gadgets, kiba-dock for an OSX like dock and kbfx with a dark theme as the next-gen kde menu.

That's it really!


Anonymous said…
That looks so much like OSX!! You could have got away with claiming that it OSX with a cool custom theme :)

One of the big stumbling blocks I have using Linux is to stop spending too much time tweaking the GUI. The possibilities are too tempting. Even spent too much time twiddling with the command line colours. I stuck with TCSH simply because Iiked the colours (don't ask don't ask ;).
Hashmil said…
this looks so cooL!
geekaholic said…
Yes a sort of a cross between OSX and Vista (Vista being a child of OSX).

The best part of GNU/Linux is pretty much anything is tweakable. I admit, I too am a customization-holic.
Anonymous said…
Nice... I'm a web designer and keep catching myself customizing my GUI instead of actually getting work done. Nice thing is at least Beryl gives me good design ideas while I'm getting nothing done.
Anonymous said…
Why I always fail when I try to get a nice desktop like this?

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