"FOSS-ed on Windows" is on tomorrow

They didn't think we'd do it. We didn't think we'd do it! But we're gonna do it ... tomorrow. For a change, we are gonna temporally hold off on telling you to switch away from the Windows platform and instead tell you how you can make your Windows experience so much better.

Guess who's sponsoring? Its those guys from Redmond - Microsoft.

FOSS-Ed for windows will show you how you can save time, money and be in control of the software. There will also be plenty on interoperability with other Operating Systems & other applications.

Why flush hundreds of thousands of Rupees down a proprietary
product when there are many free alternatives to choose from?

For more info

Ok now that the "advertisement disguised as a blog post" is out of the way :), I'd like to invite your guys interested in using FOSS on Windows to drop in for the event. The pricing is a pretty good deal considering its a 3 day event with food, and Brian Behlendorf, the Co-Founder of Apache Foundation will be there too. Best of all, I will be there, doing a talk on Securing your IT Infrastructure using FOSS :P. You can also get a look at what we've been doing at THINKCube and the soon to be launched Collaboration Server 2.0, since we are sponsoring the event.

So see you all there

Btw someone else beat me to this announcement and even dugg it: Microsoft sponsors FOSS event (what the hell's going on!!!)


geekaholic said…
Uploaded few pictures I took before the battery died.


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