Pulling along ...

Considering it's been exactly 1 year since my last post, I pondered a bit on a title for this post. "The comeback", "Still live and kicking" or "I'm back!" sprang to mind. But then I realized I'd be fooling my self and you, if I even remotely meant this blog was going to be regularly updated. Hence a title which better reflects the current state of my blog and to an extent my life - pulling a long a day at a time.

Now don't get the wrong impression - I'm not depressed! As some of you already know my life's gone through a few transformations. Hmm let me see, first there was the marriage, then moving to our own (rented) place, loosing my iPod touch (oh the drama), moving again to a bigger house, moving again to a new office, moving away from
Gentoo, moving back to Gentoo, buying new iPod touch 2g, getting a new macbook, buying a few ps3 titles including guitar heros 3 and buying an actual guitar and taking up lessons.

Ok so that last para covers the highlights that come to my mind at this early 1:42 sweaty AM. For the juicy details leading up to now checkout my Twitter time line. Basically I've been a geekaholic all along, you just didn't see it here.

Besides the random stuff, I've been atleast (somewhat) keeping up with the SinhalenFOSS podcast to the point we have at an average 2 shows a month, which is what we planned initially before going for a weekly format that we find difficult sticking to - pulling along.

My usual old reason for blogging less was micro blogging and it still holds true. The one thing that will replace micro blogging is telephathy and I suspect we're a couple of decades away from seeing that.

zzzzzzzzzz ....

Looks like I fell asleep while typing on the iTouch. Anyway I conclude by asking you to watch this space while I pull my way back in to blogging.

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Jinath Sanjitha said…
After a long time.......
e4c5 said…
Good to know that your blog is working after all and not blocked by the moral police.

I tried installing F11 on my macbook but the installer seems to freeze up quite early. It's not a problem with the media cause I tried an network install as well. Did you run into anything like this when you were doing the install?
geekaholic said…
I didn't actually install this on my macbook, just booted off the livecd. Unfortunately with the new changes to parition editor on F11 means the installer is very buggy.

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