It's true, I'm on a Lion

Greeting fellow bloggers and no I'm not dead. Blogging for me has got to a point where its a post or two per year! So at this point it doesn't matter what I say because I doubt any of my old followers are going to read this any time soon.

As usual, I would have blamed busyness (a result of %s/y/i/) and twitter but honestly speaking it was the absence of the mood which killed it. Lately I've been doing so much of writing at work, the last thing I want to do is come home and do more of it. So instead, I'd prefer to pretend to hack on some C/C++ or Ruby or PHP and play some PS3 and call it a day.

Today was different, it was our celebration of the International Sysadmin's day. So unlike my typical day, I went to a bar and talked geek with fellow sysadmins, all the while munching away on bites and sipping on some free beer (free for now, IOU Deep). During our conversation, amidst the noisy band that was playing, one of the things, I came out and confessed is the topic of this long awaited post.

And since I'm in my geeky little mood, I thought I'd share my confession - I run Mac OSX Lion! Further more I run Mac OSX Lion, wait for it....., at the expense of Linux.

Now for the random reader this might not be such a surprise. Apparently you can't go to a conference in the US without seeing 90% of the devs on a Mac. But I'm not the type to join a mono culture for the sake of it. Those who know me, knows I've had this Macbook since the days of Mac OSX Leopard but 99% of the time it was running on Ubuntu.

So what happened? Why'd I switch? My answer isn't the stereo typical "I'm a Mac fanboy", "Linux is frustrating" or "I want it to just work" sort you'd get. Its much deeper than that.

Stay tuned....
(P.S. Don't worry it's not 42 and I'll try to get to the post soon!)


you are only wrong to think nobody would read this anytime soon. ;-)

it was great to hangout with you guys after a long time..good talk, good company!

IOU deep and chamith, and thanks for getting everyone around once again! :-)

P.S: hope nobody got copped on the way home.
Deeps said…
you are so wrong to think that no one would read this!

oh, yeah, when your work is writing, you cannot come home and do the same thing. agree. period. that is why I was silent for a long time too.

and to the exciting part. Ok, we will wait and write the exciting part soon. we are waiting :)
Nazly said…
Agree on the previous comments.. You really thought nobody would read this anytime soon, when guys like us desperately wait till a post being published on this blog..? :D
Would like to know how far the deep the rabbit hole goes..
Arunan said…
The old trolls are still around! :P

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