Chillin' with the Stars

Picture of me posing with MySQL(David Axmark)/(me) and PHP (Rasmus Lerdorf)

The last two days have been absolutely wonderful hanging out, driving around, chit chatting and going out to dinner with some of the most respected people in FOSS. Most of them were also really good speakers and were a delight to listen to.

Michael Tiemann on G++

Here we are now at the last day of the conference and although there is still a Tutorial on Saturday, I think most of us feel sad that its all coming to an end. I for one may not be attending the Tutorial on Saturday as I will be busy with the Install fest.


The day ended with a panel discussion with different views on the role of Government in promoting and/or adapting FOSS, Women's role in FOSS and how to get more women involved as well as cool thinks each of the panel members like to tinker around with these days.

Finally with a few more snapshots the day came to an end. I must say that even though sometimes I was amazed to be around great people and to see how others were benefiting (including myself ofcourse), most of the time it was just so natural and somewhat normal. Now that we have lit the LAMP in Sri Lanka, its time to make sure it keeps burning.

agenda budandstars
Best of all you get to meet good friends from way back then


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