I went Digital and now I am back..

I've gone silent on the blog since I got DVB cable, and been falling a sleep watching cable more often than not.

But during the day, I have been extremely busy going through some major transformations in my life. Here is the Reader's Digest of what's been happening:

  • I left Virtusa to join another startup building GNU/Linux based devices

  • I've been trying to study for my Msc second semester finals. Sat one exam, two more to go

  • Been extremely busy organizing for the first ever FOSS week happening now (5th - 11th). The scale of this event is gigantic!

  • Been working with schools in and around Colombo on a pilot project to install GNU/Linux and train teachers on FOSS

  • Started a new GNU/Linux distribution with Anuradha called Taprobane. We hope to address some of the issues that are missing on some more popular distros, and make it a convenient and pleasant one to use.

  • A lot of other tweaks to my desktop as usual. I now run Enligtenment

Yesterday we had a very successful FOSSchool's event for both School students and Universities that was held at the UCSC auditorium. The place was jam packed with about 350-400 students and teachers, when there was only room for 240. We had to bring additional chairs and really pack up the place.

The evening session for the University crowd wasn't as packed but we were blessed with some great speeches by the former project lead Martin Michlmayr and Dr.(Mrs.) Shahani Weerawarna who enlightened the students on the vocational/higher educational prospects and how involving in FOSS will help.

Which brings us to today: the Codefest. I am currently sitting at the codefest happening at TransAsia and we hope to code non-stop for 36 hours trying solve different problems on improving GNU/Linux.

I will try to blog more on this as things start happening.


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