Taprobane hits Distrowatch!

Today is a happy day for all of us who started working on our very own GNU/Linux distribution, appropriately named Taprobane GNU/Linux, as it gets accepted as a Linux distribution worth listing at Distrowatch. It is remarkable to see that Taprobane was approved by for listing at Distrowatch in just 30 days since appearing on the waiting list, especially considering the standard 90 day waiting period.

This is what Distrowatch had to say on it's front page:

Taprobane is an ancient name for the Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka and a Debian-based Linux live CD built by a group of developers at the Lanka Linux User Group (LKLUG). The new version 0.4.1 is the project's first public release. What's in it? "X.Org 6.8.2; official NVIDIA driver support out of the box; KDE 3.4.1; OpenOffice.org 2; Linux; SquashFS and Unionfs; Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Zope, started and stopped from the K-menu; excellent hotplug support; saving data to persistent media; educational software such as Stellarium and Octave." More details can be found in the announcement on the project's home page. Download: taprobane-gnu-linux-0.4.1.iso (689MB, MD5); also available via BitTorrent.

Source: http://distrowatch.com/?newsid=02915#0

As a result, Taprobane GNU/Linux now has its own profile page at Distrowatch. Since hitting Distrowatch, more people are downloading Taprobane both via the standard weblink as well as BitTorrent.

Finally I'd like to end by saying that I am extremely happy, not only because we are creating _another_gr8_distro, but also because as a result we are bringing recognition to Sri Lanka (Taprobane) as a FOSS savy, geeky nation :)


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