Mini bug squashing CodeFest

Today a few of us got together at the UCSC to work on fixing few bugs as well as add some features to the next version of Taprobane. The plan was to get to a point where we can wrap up the 0.4.x series by releasing 0.4.3, so that we can concentrate on 0.5.

The morning session was spent on setting up the infrastructure as is the usual case. Unfortunately due to firewalls, we were only allowed to access http/ftp services via a proxy. An apt-proxy already filled with some debian packages was setup, inorder to speed up participant's access to packages. A local irc server was setup to remedy access restrictions to freenode.

As a whole the event was somewhat successful in my opinion, as we closed up several nasty bugs while adding some nice features such as drivers for the Huaweu Bell CDMA phone and ndiswrapper. Anuradha Weeraman seemed to have made some progress with the installer, which we hope will make it to 0.5.

peer_coding It was good to see several UCSC students, some of who are also LKLUGers to join in on the fun. Dr. Ruvan, Harsha and Chamath of the UCSC also dropped in to check on progress. Hopefully this will be a regular event.


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