Pakistan's Big Brother

Today we visited the Nadra (not to be confused with the more familiar Narada center), which stands for the National Database and Registration Authority. They are the government organization that issues National ID cards to eveyone. The place is amazing when you consider the data they have on pretty much everyone. For example they can, just by using your name along with your fathers name, tell pretty much everything about you such as whether your married or single, which cities you've been living in, and information about uour reletives. One of the IBMers, after seeing the demo, said "he felt naked".

Later in the evening, we visited the main hospital in Islamabad to talk with some of the senior doctors to see what can be offered. We then walked around the hospital and saw some of the victams. Due to space limitations, they were placed all accross the lobby area. According to the doctor, the numbers just keeps increasing.

We met one of the girls, who had been stuck between the rubbles for 9 days. Its an amazing story, that is just beyong belief. Just imagine being trapped in a confined space for 9 days with no food or water. Ofcourse when they found her, she had already passed out, so hopefully she had hibernated most of the time. Her father said that he had burried 12 other childern.


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