An Open invitation to celebrate Software Freedom Day, the 16th

Software Freedom Day is a global effort to promote the use of Free and Open Source software. Free software is a matter of liberty, not price. Its a matter of the users freedom to run, copy, distribute, study,change an improve the software.

As part of the celebrations we are having two events at two locations:

Majestic City lobby

We will have some cool, sleek notebooks running Free & Open Source software both on Windows and GNU/Linux. Come see the new GNU/Linux desktops in action and how running FOSS can save you money while preserving your rights!

Crescat lobby

This event is all about power computing. We'll have powerful gaming machines and servers running optimized versions of GNU/Linux that will make games screammmmm! See how the Linux system can be optimized specifically for your hardware even if its an old Pentium 1.

Ready to see how deep the Rabbit hole goes? Well bring along your desktop or notebook and learn how to get GNU/Linux installed on it.

There will be FREE GNU/Linux CDs distributed at both locations.

More info at


Anonymous said…
Say no to pirated Software. Great FOSS Rox!!!. Hope cya at the event.

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