Hey Micro$oft.... Sue me!

Desperately seeking Micro$oft makes some dubious claims when it accuses that GNU/Linux and FOSS violates some 235 of M$'s patents. With each passing day it is evident that this latest of a series of unsuccessful maneuvers on M$'s part is done just so they can create enough FUD to possibly kill off the threat or make some money off of Fortune 500 companies through licensing.

As I posted earlier, you could only do so as long as you don't disclose the supposed patent violations that GNU/Linux and other FOSS apps are said to be violating. So this is turning out to be a new business model for M$, where they can sit back and Steve Balmer can play Tony Soprano and make extra cash.

Well its about time Micro$oft put up or Shut up! Either disclose the so called patents that we are supposedly violating, sue us or just shut up! Since the former doesn't seem to be happening a couple of people started signing a petition called "Sue me first". It only takes one person to be sued for us to know and the world to show that its all a bunch of BS.

So what the heck, I signed it too...

See #1427

Also read what Linus the creator of the Linux kernel had to say..


Sue me first is a great work. I signed too. If they sue FOSS that means they are going to ruin career of thousands of people around the globe, who earn their living by writing free software. And they will also ruin initiatives like $100 laptop project which could bridge the digital divide. That is ugly. It is anti earth, anti human, unethical and against all religions. It is time to sue Microsoft for ruining civilization.
Anonymous said…
Hey pal U can show this & ask from MS what they are doing...
geekaholic said…
Hehe nice link, but a little too late :)

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