Fun @ millennium Park

Today was one of those 24 (TV series) days -- started out one way, ended in a totally different way. To begin with, today was my last MSc first semester paper on cryptography. This was a paper I was more confident of, and was hoping to bump up my overall averages. So I guess you'd understand why I didn't feel like driving back home from the junction after discovering I had left my cell phone behind. Now don't call me superstitious , but I just didn't want to take the chance of having to go back! .. Its BAD LUCK! But not having the cell, did bother me through out the day, specially when trying to communicate with my better half.

As expected the exam was quite easy and most of us couldn't complain. After the exam Deep had organized to take a few of us out to celebrate his new found fortune (aka new job), so we headed over to millennium Park to find a couple of more MSc Friends had also independently shown up. NO problem, deep was paying, so the more the merrier! We were pleasantly supprised to find Mill Park happening, with a big young crowd promoting AIDS (prevention of it I think ;P) We got a table and some drinks (soft :), when I got an SMS (to a friends phone) from my g/f saying she was on the way to Campus with lunch. So I rush over back to Uni, and had lunch with her and headed back to Mill Park to find everyone missing from their seats! For a second I thought that they were playing some sort of prank, since I saw Lakmal's car parked, so I know no one left.

Thats when the fun really began! I found the guys getting ready to go to a laser Tag like shooting game (not a video game, the real thing..except no one gets hurt). We put on these cool jackets that came with a laser gun attached to it. The arena had several walls to hide and shoot your opponent. The whole exercise was fun and tiring at the same time with all the running around. But I was disappointed when I found at the end I hadn't shot anyone!... Not a single soul! I was hit about 5 times of which I think the last 3 happened when I gave up -- was too tired. Its only later when I got home I noticed that the gun hadn't fired at all, and when I come to think of it my gun didn't emit any laser beam. Damn! I had been cheated! But everyone was a bit suppressed when the winner of our tournament turned out to be Lochana.

After having desert (I already had had lunch), I had to rush back to Uni to take a Linux class at UCSC. That was also quite interesting since it was a new batch and they were quite interactive. With a few foreign students, who weren't really shy to ask questions, it really paved the way for everyone to start talking. Most were Windows administrators/users and some developers looking to learn this new wonderful OS. The rest of the evening was filled very intellectual conversation with my better half.

So there you have it! A very rare and diverse day of my humble life (most of the time).


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