Gray Monday ...

Such a boring and wasteful day it was! I got up late at 9AM and was slightly
late to go for a meeting with our marketing guy, but luckily he had managed to
set the meeting at 11:00, we made it just in time.

After getting back and having a boring lunch, I decided to go for a small walk
down to Tasty's and had a caramel. The walk wasn't much fun since it was
drizzling through out and the sky was all gray. The rest of the day of the day
sort of flew of the day sort of flue by till about 6PM. It was only after
about 6 that I really got around to doing something for one of the projects
that I am working on with another guy. So eventually we ended up working late
till about 10:00. It really shouldn't have taken so long for the stuff I was
working on but hey what can I say.. my brain was way underclocked!

One thing I did managed to start on was dowelled a lot of gentoo sources. After
failing to compile a kernel (that booted) with the genkernel utility, I opted
to build one the _old_fashion way!, which worked gr8. I then emerged
--fetchonly fluxbox and kde which took a couple of hours. Once I got home, I
first started to compile fluxbox, which also compiled X windows in about 45
min. I was impressed! Then I set kde to compile at about 1AM after I was tired
of playing with fluxbox. What can I say, KDE is a HUGE package, after 6 hours,
its still compiling :-)

Oh! its Tuesday already.. time to shut up!


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