Working from home...

My office is a MESS! There I said it! With the amount of people we now have, being packed in to a small lecture room, means I usually have to get up from my seat when who ever is next to me has to go out. To make things worse finding a network cable that works, power source or a decent place to keep my notebook is sometimes very difficult. I've really found it very hard to concentrate on work, especially programming every since we moved in here. The only success I had was while wearing the ear phone and listening to some personal music :)

The solution... welcome to "Work from home". Ok this isn't really a solution that I've even mentioned to my boss, but its something I've been doing the last 2 days. I went to office late while I worked on the project from home. I found that I was really able to do a lot of work, since I was planning to go and show some progress in the evening. I got up at around 7AM and first started working on my openOffice presentation (notice I didn't use the word powerpoint!) on "Python vs Other Programming languages" taking Java as an example. This a group presentation due some time tomorrow. I worked on that till about 9:30 and then after having breakfast got down to some office work. These days I'm working on a perl based front-end for configuring a linux firewall. I managed to get a fair amount of work done till about 1:30PM.

After having lunch, I headed to office and managed to get there by about 3. Since I was back at "ITS TOO DISTRACTING TO CODE!" place, I decided to read some mail and then set to install CVS. CVS is used for maintaining software versions so multiple people can work on a project without stepping over another one's code. I checked in a couple of projects to CVS and also installed viewcvs, which is a web based front end to CVS written in Python (what a coincidence!)

So overall its been a satisfying day except for may be one or two small incidents ;) Hopefully things will get better when our development room is built. Anyway no time to think about that since tomorrow my presentation is due and I still have a few things more to prepare. I'm also hoping to meet Keith tomorrow for lunch so more on that tomorrow.

Signing off!


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