Finally got a Flickr Pro Account

I was wondering how many photos I had on flickr. Because with the free account, 200 was all I could see. The first time I tried to fulfill my curiosity, a couple of months back, to find myself utterly disappointed and annoyed that I couldn't just pay the $24.95 and unlock my photos, because Paypal didn't recognize Sri Lanka as a country worth doing business with. So I gave up, even though I was aware that you could get it done through someone who had an AMEX CC.

Anyway long story-short is I finally upgraded and was amazed to find I had a little over 500 photos! (more than twice the limit).

So if you know me and want to go down memory lane or just want to see how crappy I was at taking pictures then (not that I'm a lot better now), check out my Flickr Photo Blog.

Don't forget to click the last page :)


Anonymous said…

Have you tried Picasa web albums? (By google)

The community is not that great as with flickr but you can store more pictures for free.

They have a good compression system as well. I uploaded about 300 photos (with 2000*1000 something resolution) and I was just using 20MB of my 1GB account!!

Well, if you have money to spend and you love the flickr community, then I guess you should stick with that.

But for a poor guy like me at the bottom of the pyramid, Picasa web albums is definetly better.
geekaholic said…
Your absolutely right and thats another reason it took me this long. I could have easily paid someone with an AMEX the money and got it but didn't think spending the money was worth it.

But as you mentioned the community factor is the main reason I decided to go ahead. Its not overly expensive either, considering its only about 200/- a month.

But I definitely plan on using Picasa to backup my photos. Waiting for a good upload tool for GNU/Linux since I don't want to manually upload using their web interface.
Anonymous said…
machang ru working for Hutch?
Anonymous said…
how about F-Spot?
Anonymous said…
Picasa web albums sucks because you can't have your pictures private private.

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