Its been 3 years...

And I'm still here! That's right, its been exactly 3 years as of today (31st) since I got into the world of blogging. For the curious here is my first blog post which I made out of UCSC's MSc computer lab, under not so good circumstances :)

Anyway thats history. Now lets talk about the future. From today onwards, I'm hoping to start micro-blogging on twitter in addition to current blog. Sometimes I find little things or interesting bits that I never get around to blog about because its either too little information or I just don't get the time.

Well hopefully (no promises), I'll try to do that in the form of a micro-blog using of my mobile devices.

So I hope to see you at twitter!. I'm off to configuring my mobile clients.


Unknown said…
Congratz for your 3 years of blogging. We certainly enjoyed your writing style and geeky information. So hope to see you regularly on this blog too.

And a side note, Twitter is powered by Ruby on Rails. :)
Unknown said…
Congrats... :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for helping out with a x264 Fedora YUM conflict through the Qunu service.
Anonymous said…
Finally I'm gona have an active friend on twitter.

& BUDs congratz n keep the cool work up.

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