This could be the one...

So I've been thinking of getting Nokia's Linux tablet PC ever since the 770 was released a couple of years ago. When the N800 came that was a major improvement over the 770 and I was hoping to buy that.

Well now, Nokia has released a further updated version, the N810 and this just might be the one. Due to release in Novement, the N810 has a nice touch sensitive screen of 800x480, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS (YES!), FM-Radio, FM-Transmitter!(Awesome), QWERTY slide keyboard (and virtual keyboard), VGA camera, up to 8GB SD, 14 days standby and 5 days being always online.

The only thing missing is Wi-Max which is to be released sometime later next year.

Check it out.


Unknown said…
That's awesome...!!
Thank god! I didn't buy that N800.

geekaholic said…
Ooops the FM transmitter is not actually built in but an add on.

Also I dislike the fact that they moved the D pad like cursor control next to the key board as opposed to leaving it next to the screen as in the N800. This means you always will have to pull out the keyboard which makes the device unnecessarily bigger all the time.

I also think they shouldn't have made the camera fixed to the front. The N800 flexible system of being able to rotate the camera is better. At least I hope they improved its picture quality.

For anyone looking to pickup the N800 its price has now come down from $435 to about $230 which is a good deal.. especially if the N800 gets the N810's software update.

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