iPod Touch turned out to be the one!

my new (hacked) ipod touch so I had my reservations about the iphone mainly due to the lack of 3G but also other reasons. Instead what wanted was really a good PDA device thats flexible and not too limiting - some thing like the upcoming N810.

But all that changed when I walked in to BTOptions hoping to checkout an FM Transmitter for my ipod. That's when I saw they had the latest iPod touch 16GB. What happened next was unbelievable in that I remember handing my credit card before blacking out. Ok so may be I'm being a bit too dramatic. The touch was a device which had already been under my radar but I did't think I'd actually buy this first-gen device.

But I did and here is why:
* it was staring me in the face
* price was close to getting from the US
* runs on UNIX aka BSD though would have prefered Gnu/Linux
* Ultra portable, scratch proof surface
* Nice UI and input method
* BUT ABOVE MOST - It can be hacked!

So here I am after having installed two dozens of nice home brew apps lying in bed writing this blog on my new shiney iPod Touch.

my new (hacked) ipod touch
P.S: Photos uploaded and included later using a notebook.


Anonymous said…
mind sharing some images with us,

hey how much does cost it?
geekaholic said…
The 16 GB is a bit expensive being 49K cash but I had to pay 51K since I used the CC. I heard the 8GB when it comes will be 38 - 39K. But I think its worth paying the extra 10K and getting double the capacity.

I love this gadget and slowly migrating my contact list and calendar to it from my aging Nokia 6230i.

My only complaint is the lack of bluetooth which would have made this a bit more interesting.

One option around this is to get an iphone from the US and hack that. But then you don't get a local warrenty if something goes wrong.

The touch is also slightly slimmer than the iphone and I generally prefer the PDA and the phone to be not integrated so I can upgrade the phone (get 3G for example) without having to worry about the other.

But if your getting the touch without wanting to hack it, then its really not that useful at all. IMHO buy it only if you want to hack it.
Anonymous said…
if u can,add a video of ur touch,like to see it on a SL person's hand ;)
Anonymous said…
You can buy a bluetooth attachment which fits on the bottom of the touch. It's made by JABRA. You can find it on Google. It is intended for streaming music to BT headsets. I'm not sure if it will work with a keyboard or other devices. I'm thinking of buying one to find out.
geekaholic said…
no I don't think that will work
for anything but audio. You might as well get the bluetooth to stereo adapter as opposed to an iPod only device.
geekaholic said…
A nice review on N800 versus iPod Touch. In a nutshell as expected the N800 wins in terms of features while the ipod touch wins in terms of usability. The review does not of course take into account the *can hack to run 3rd party apps* factor for the iTouch.
JD said…
I just checked out the Ipod touch 16GB at the EPSI Store in Bamba and they priced it at 59,900/- is that correct?
geekaholic said…
I'm afraid Epsi is more expensive than BT. So I recommend checking BT. Nashtars also has for about the same price as BT since they get their stuff from BT (possibly at dealer price)

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