A Christmas LAN party...

xmaslanparty Couple of us were invited for a warm Christmas lunch at the Hiran's residence. Myself, Asanga along with Kanchana had decided to meet up early to get a card and a gift since that's usually the hard part. But when I saw the Lava Lamp staring at me, I thought this is all that's missing from Hiran's high tech home! I mean after all how can a solar/wind powered, wireless, broadband home with a sound space system not have a Lava Lamp? Everyone else agreed so we got that and rushed off.

When we got to Hiran's, Marlon and Andre had already arrived with a can of beer in their hands. Surprisingly we weren't that late as thought since these guys had also arrived few minutes earlier. I got myself into a cozy beer, while Kanchana sipped on a delicious home made Anoda drink by Maneesha, of which I too was lucky to have a sip. More guests soon arrived which, included Hirans beautiful sister, who'd come down from UK and Thilani who is sometimes called a crazy girl, if not for Kaushi who unfortunately wasn't to be seen.

The atmosphere was filled with cool gadgets. Hirans sister (by now you would have noticed I forgot her name), had a funky Nokia 6230 that comes with a built in mp3/mpeg4 video player among other things. Marlon had brought a cool HP PDA, that had a color display and ran Pocket PC. He was showing some cool pictures he had drawn using Maya as well as how he could play Doom on his PDA.

The real fun began with NFS underground, as I hooked up my barebone computer to the matching monitor, along with my Logitec Rumble Pad which gave force feedback as you drove the funkiest cars dangerously! Asanga and Andre had a ball playing with the Nvdia 5700 LE, 256MB, AGP 8X card, not to mention the 64bit processor, AMD64. As for me, I had fun watching :)

Now a lunch wouldn't be complete without food! and it was delicious indeed. The highlight for me would be the desert :) Manisha makes killer ice creams, in this occasion out of Anooda, which I just cant get enough of. You'd be happy to know that there are future plans to introduce this product to supermarkets WORLD wide by the brand name of Karolis Ice Cream tm. The bownese, too were really good, especially with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.

So that's how it went. Its been a couple of days now but I can still taste it!


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