Need a 5,000 rupee ticket to use the Toilet!

That seemed to be the tone coming out of some of the security guards patrolling the "takaran" gates of CR&FC. Though I would have much liked to use different title for this post, considering the vibrant concert that followed, I can't help myself!

If you weren't living under a rock, you would know that Air Supply is in town. I some how managed to squeeze a few minutes to go out and buy two 1,000/= tickets. Like most sensible people I couldn't afford paying 5,000/= a ticket even though Air Supply is such a wonderful band.

Apparently the organizers hadn't anticipated that people who bought the 1,000/= rupee tickets just might need to use the restroom. When this scenario cropped up it was just sheer panic! The guard said "You have to go out of the gate and get in from the 5,000/= gate but once you come back we can't guarantee that we'll let you in. You might have to buy another 1,000 ticket". One of the organizers with a tag hanging from his neck also said you can't go out (outside or the toilet). He seems to suggest we just do-it on the ground Sri Lankan style! The guard by the other gate (which is on the other side separated by an iron fence) was understanding, with a slight political tone. "This is your fundamental human right! Tell them to let you out and in when you come back'. This way a couple of us (guys and girls) ping-ponged between the two gates until finally I said "Take us to your leader (organizer)". He was much apologetic and understanding and went as far as chaperoning us through the 5,000/= gate all the way close to the restroom.

Now you would have thought this toilet story is finally over and I'd start talking about the concert, but it's not over. While the organizing guy stayed behind, myself and g/f along with another guy and his g/f walked along the pavilion looking for the restroom only to find there is only a male toilet. When we inquired, "Where is the girls toilet, one of the guys said there isn't a separate one and this is for both". Talk about things that make you go Hmmmmm... As we walked in slowly, not knowing what we'd see! a guy walked out with his g/f saying there are separate toilet rooms (which I later found to be separate by a wall ¾ high). Now there was a small queue building up inside the bathroom (consisting of two toilets), with boys and girls waiting in line. When I got my chance I found that the guys toilet door couldn't be closed and worse yet the door wanted to open it self. Free shows for the girls! No fair!

Its really inexcusable for the organizers to be this blunt to such basic needs, considering this show isn't charity and they make a thumping profit even after paying Air Supply. It only requires spending a small fraction, call it an investment that will pay off in future concerts as well.

So now what about the concert? I'm sorry girls and boys but we are out of time. Stay tuned for the next concert hoping the situation is better by that time or that I don't find it necessary to use the toilet.


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