Last Day...

Today is the last day I'm officially spending at ITABS, but I'm not feeling nostalgic nor sad today. After all this is the end of the week and the weekend is coming up right! But more than that, it's because I was feeling sad and nostalgic yesterday ;) Yesterday was my unofficial last day at ITABS, only because today some guys were supposed to be somewhere else and so they decided to do something yesterday instead.

Yesterday, I was busy the whole day at a client's location and was hoping to come back to office in the evening for a Linux class. I've got a call around 3:00pm, as I was entering the network server room at the client, from Lakmal asking an odd question "which type of DVDs my writer supports?". Without thinking twice I answered "any type, plus or minus". He then immediately kept the phone. For a second I thought it was odd, but then thought may be he is researching again on the net for a good DVD writer to buy, and got back to work.

As I got to office later in the evening at about 6:10, I was in a rush to get to class. To my surprise, the guys had brought me a gift and a card. Channa started making a very touching "thank you" speech, remembering a bit of the past, which made be feel just a bit shy. This was followed by a delicious chocolate cake and good bye wishes. I didn't have much time to drool over any of this, as I was extremely late to start the class. The only thing running on my mind was "I got to finish this today! Some How!". Though a bit late, I did manage to do so.

Once I got home, a bit late than usual, I opened up the gift. A pack of rewritable DVD was like Dejavu! I opened up the card. It had a nice cartoon teddy bear, who had packed up his stuff and while leaving looks behind and says "Good Bye". There were some touching stuff written, and I thought "my GOD! these people are going to miss me".

Finally it hit me! just like in the card I was leaving too, and I was going to miss them too :(



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