Its Exhibition time again


I've really been busy the last couple of days and didn't have any time to write my blog. But in any case except for a few developments, nothing exciting did happen.. that is until now!

Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization or in short ASOCIO is an exhibition that is usually held else where, and its the first time they are holding it in Sri Lanka. There was a BIG marketing campaign on the media announcing it as the BIGGEST exhibition in South East Asia, with big names like Intel, PC House, Suntel and oh.. almost forgot that company from Redmond sponsoring it.

Yesterday I was running around to help setup the LKLUG stall, at SLECC (Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Center). I lent them my Wi-Fi USB gadget, a wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Sound Blaster Live 5.1 card and a power extension cord.

Today was my day at the ITABS stall, which is located at the BMICH. Yes you heard me right! Its same exhibition, but held in two places. We've got a small corner stall under Suntel, of whom we are the software solutions provider. We are demonstrating .... well come and see for your self :)

So how was the first day which was supposed to be open to Business invitees only? My feeling was that it was just a BIG noise and nothing more. If the organizers goals were to promote networking and business opportunities for the attendees, I think today it failed miserably. Despite having BIG structures, and holding it in two locations which are miles apart, I didn't see much business delegates as planned. Instead there were more ordinary, inquisitive people who had paid 100/- (instead of the regular 60/- for public, but available only from tomorrow). Most people I spoke to from other stalls also felt it didn't really meet their objectives.

From tomorrow the exhibition is open to the public so we are expecting a larger crowd. Likely I wont be going to BMICH or SLECC since I am supposed to finish up some other office work.

I'll be on duty on Friday again at BMICH and if I get some time over the weekend need to drop in to the LKLUG stall at SLECC. Anyway don't be discouraged by my comments. Its still a very good exhibition with a few things like plasmas, Barebones/Gaming systems,Wifi etc. to see. One thing I learned today was that next year by this time WiFi wont be as hot of a technology as a new upcoming technology called Wi-Max. Mithila who works for AirSpan was explaining to me about the technology and it seems very cool. Oh well seems like I'll have to save up to buy a Wi-Max router next year :)


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