It started just like any other day.. I got up in the morning, burned a few calories on the road (road rage!) and made it to office. Fast forward roughly 8 hours -- it was time to go home, or was it! (This is where your supposed to hear the siren like sound from horror movies)

I was never scared of the dentist. The sound of the drill nor the injection, which I now refer as to “Lethal Injection!”, didn't bother me. But my ignorance towards the dentist, has finally caught up with me! I finally share the sympathy, and plead forgiveness for I have laughed at you, while you were rightfully frightened to go to THE DENTIST!

Removing my wisdom, took a little over an hour and a half, which is a bit longer
than usual. Except for the pain of having to tilt my head slightly back for the whole period, the operation didn't really hurt much. There were some complications, as expected, since it is said that wisdom is difficult to obtain as well as remove :) My tooth was surgically removed, after cutting up into several pieces, and the remaining gum sawed together.

The numb was still there, as I left the clinic, in a jolly good mood. This was the first time, I had gotten a tooth removed, so I really didn't know what to expect. I couldn't go too far as to get my medicine. The pain started creeping up. I was supposed to keep my mouth shut for an hour, but that wasn't going to work. After about forty five minutes had passed, I took the medicine, but it was already late! The next couple of hours was just pure pain! After taking another supplementary and extremely powerful pain killer, I was finally able to fall asleep.


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